2017 Announcements

Today is the day!

Today The IDEs Of March 2017 takes place in Reading, Berkshire, UK.

We have a great lineup of speakers, interesting talks and FREE pizza.

The Warehouse, our venue for the 2017 event, is at 1A Cumberland Road in Reading.

If coming from Reading Station please follow these handy Google Maps public transit instructions. If taking the bus it should take about 10 minutes, if walking about 25 minutes. The best bus stop to alight from is the Cemetary Junction Stop (E2).

From the main road if you see a Mr Cod fish and chips shop that's the street where you turn.

Stuck or have doubts abot getting to the venue? Get in touch with us on Twitter @IDEsOfMarchConf

The IDEs Of March 2017

It is almost time for The IDEs Of March 2017: this Friday at The Warehouse in Reading, UK.


The IDEs Of March 2017 is a one-day FREE event for those involved in producing quality software. We have a great line-up of speakers and things kick off in the morning of Friday March the 17th. Here's a summary of the Keynote and talks:

Cristiano Betta: Keynote

Mario Viviani: "Developing Media Streaming Apps for TV the Easy Way"

Maarten Edgar: "Bitmaps: How to Actually Work With Them"

Corry Robb: "Running A Successful Google Ventures Design Sprint"

Chris Pick: "From Engineer To Manager"

Throughout the day there will be tea and coffee provided. After the first two talks we'll also have free pizza and soft drinks as well.

Interested in attending? Please register on The IDEs Of March Eventbrite page.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday at The Warehouse in Reading.

Announcing Maarten Edgar as speaker at The IDEs Of March 2017

Our last, but not least, speaker to be announced for The IDEs of March 2017 is Maarten Edgar of AppStudio.nl.

Maarten Edgar

Maarten Edgar

Maarten Edgar is the senior android developer at AppStudio.nl. A love for mobile started in the PalmPilot days and he switched mobile development from Windows Mobile to Android as soon as it came out. Since being paid to do what he loves, he's touched every aspect of development on an Android device, from Bluetooth connections to realtime game-graphics, the sensors to Camera's (and two at at the same time) and real-time videostreaming as well as using runtime-decrypted content in projects for top Fortune multinationals and smaller clients.
As soon as full sunlight readable screens appear in laptops, you'll find him coding on a tropical beach somewhere.

Maarten's talk at The IDEs Of March 2017 will be "Bitmaps: How to Actually Work With Them".

The IDEs Of March 2017 is a one-day FREE event held on March 17th at The Warehouse in Reading, UK. To attend please register on the Eventbrite page.