Announcing The IDEs Of March Keynote Speaker: Cristiano Betta

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Keynote Speaker of The IDEs Of March, Cristiano Betta!

Cristiano Betta, The IDEs Of March Keynote Speaker.

Cristiano Betta, The IDEs Of March Keynote Speaker.

Cristiano is a Developer Expeience (DX) designer who helps startups and enterprises to improve the onboarding, getting started and first use experiences of their developer products.

Previously he had a three year stint at PayPal as Senior Developer Advocate and before that he was involved in a few more startups. With his friends at Geeks of London, he also runs hackathons and unconferences.

You can find out more about Cristiano and his activities at Don't forget to also follow his social media and GitHub links.

Cristiano's Keynote talk will be entitled The Seven Deadly Sins of Developer Onboarding. We are definitely looking forward to hearing it.

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We look forward to seeing you at The IDEs Of March 2017 in Reading. Keep an eye out for our next speaker and event announcements here on and on the official Twitter account @IDEsOfMarchConf.